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What we offer


It is not necessary to have the "full works", if all you want is your pet groomed. Some of my customers book weekly, fortnightly or monthly for a "grooming only" session. In SOME cases, "grooming only" of pet may be done while owner waits. Many pet owners do not know the correct way to groom their dog.  I can show you for a small fee (£5 per and any part of 30 minutes) The money is donated to Greyhound Lifeline.


It's not just long haired, semi-long haired, or clipped breeds that come to my parlour. I often do short and smooth haired dogs i.e. Labradors, Chihuahuas, Boxers, Beagles, Bassett's, staffies to name but a few.


I clip most breeds that require this service, other than what I have mentioned on previous page.


We also hand-strip those breeds that require it.  For handstripping information, ask for Becky.  Becky is also First Aid Trained for pets, so we have a first aider on the premises and City & Guilds trained.  We do not hand-strip the extra large breeds, large breeds or hand-strip in the month of December and for handstripping appointments, its afternoons only at 2pm.

For anyone who does not know what this is, let me explain.  Hand-stripping gives a more natural look, but can only be done when the coat is ready to come out. If not done proberly or at the right time, it can hurt your pet, so it is important you go to a groomer who knows what they are doing.  You cannot determine what the length will be.  What comes out is what you get and it can only be done about four times a year.  Hand-stripping is more expensive, as it takes far longer than clipping. As  this service takes longer we do not hand-strip in December, as we are too busy with the clipping dogs. With clipping, pet owners can determine what length they want, as clipping blades adjust for various lengths and you can have clipping of pet done more often. It is quicker and therefore cheaper.

And there's more

As part of, or as a separate service, I also pluck ear hair, check anal (scent) glands (if the pet allows) The cutting of toenails is included in bathing/clipping, but if you just want your pets toenails cut and nothing else, we have a choice of two prices.  £8 every time you come or £20 for the year, where you can come as many times as necessary at no extra charge for 12 months. Obviously the £20 is only an advantage if you intend having your pets toenails cut more than twice a year. As with all prices, this is subject to change. We offer a free fringe trim, but as for claw cutting, please ring first to make sure we are there and to pick a time convienient to both of us.  Fringe trimming and toenail cutting can usually be done on the day you ring and while you wait.

The team

Well theres me the Boss MAUREEN - have wanted to clip dogs from the age of five years, when our family Toy Poodle went to the groomers every six to eight weeks.  I decided then, when I grew up, thats what I wanted to do.  I was eight years old when I realised other breeds of dogs went to the grooming parlour. Have owned along with family - German Shepherd, Toy, Miniature and Std Poodles, Cocker Spaniel, Papillons and two cross breeds. 2017 saw me reach 40 years in dog grooming.

BECKY  -  full time dog groomer.  Grooming since 2014. Ex kennel worker and owner of Jack Russell's, Whippet and a Lurcher.  Becky has passed all her exams to reach her City & Guilds certificate and pet first aid..


For all services, I do require notice. It is advisable to book your pet's next appointment, when collecting from present one. Summer months can produce a long waiting list, especially if we have a heat wave and Christmas bookings start coming in from June onwards.  For summer I always say,  "Do not wait for the heat wave to hit.  Assume we will get one and book well in advance".  You can always cancel if you change your mind, as long as you give me 24 hours notice.  Obviously emergencies happen and you may have to cancel on the day, but please try and give me as much notice as possible.


I have a strict missed appointment policy. Please understand you have booked a slot for your pet that must be paid for, giving me notice means I can at least try and get someone else in your place. Obviously "things happen", and missed fee will then be at my descretion, but NOT to let me know you will not be coming causes loss of earnings and I still have bills to pay just like everyone else.

Recently (2016) we had to introduce a sur-charge for finished dogs not collected by the time we closed at 5pm.  Obviously we cannot go home at the end of the day, if we are left holding someones pet.  Many an evening had to be cancelled for finished dogs awaiting their owner. Since the introduction of this sur-charge, there has been great improvement in pet owners respecting our business hours.  We would also appreciate it greatly if pets are collected within half an hour of being finished during our business hours, as they are occupying a holding pen for another dogs appointment. We are not after all a dog creche.  If you have a problem and need to leave your pet longer, please ask if this is possible.  If we have the space we will try and oblidge, but we are a small business and only have 5 holding pens. We appreciate that sometimes there are problems on the roads, or some emergency has delayed you collecting your pet.  If you could let us know, so we know whats happening and we will try and work around it.


All dogs need grooming, whatever their coat type - even Hairless dogs need their skin attended to.
Obviously some dogs need more grooming than others. You should get to know your dog’s coat and how often you should groom to keep it tangle free and loose hair to a minimum. Outside elements will also have an effect on your pet’s coat.

Generally speaking long-haired dogs, such as -
Old English Sheepdogs, Briards, Rough & Bearded Collies and dogs of similar coat, should be groomed daily.

Most Spaniels & Terriers should be groomed every other day. With poodles and  Poodle, Bishon and Shih Tzu crosses and crosses of this type of coat, these coats should be groomed daily and often there are two or three different coat types in the one pet and they matt/felt so quickly. Their coat is high maintenance.

Other breeds such as Retrievers and dogs of similar
coat should be groomed 2 to 3 times a week.

Smooth and short-haired dogs should be groomed weekly

Dogs with long, hairy ears - the ears at least should be groomed daily.

This is just a rough guide.  In a perfect world your dogs skin and coat should be checked daily.  You are not just looking for knots or felting, but any fleas, ticks, lumps, growths - anything untoward.  Spotting problems early may one day save your pets life. See the following on why you should groom on a regular basis.

There are several reasons why we should groom our dogs on a regular basis :-

The obvious :

  • Keeps tangle free
  • Keeps loose hair to a minimum 

Other reasons :

  • Massages the body
  • Grooming properly down to the skin allows the skin to breathe
  • Checking for skin problems
  • Looking for Fleas, Lice or Ticks
  • Enables you to check Ears, Eyes and Bum
  • Getting rid of outside debris e.g.. Grass seeds
  • Finding Lumps, Bumps or Growths that were not there when you last groomed, or any growths that have become bigger. 
  • Spotting anything untoward early may actually save your pet’s life.

If you obtained your pet from a Dog Breeder they should be able to tell you how to groom and the right equipment to use. Failing that, any good Dog Groomer, Clipper, Canine Beautician, Groomatologist, Dog Stylist (we come under a variety of names), should be able to advise.

Finding a Groomer :
Try and go on recommendation and to some-one who has experience. Taking your pet to a bad Groomer may affect your pet’s attitude to grooming for the rest of their life.
Take the time and effort and find a Groomer who knows what they are doing and remember, whichever groomer you go to,  go to ones  that do get booked up, for they usually get  booked up for a reason.  They are good dog groomers.



We sell all the shampoo's we use -

PUPPY SHAMPOO - ideal for pups  from 12 weeks to 4 - 6 months (we take puppies,  once they are covered by inoculations)

ANTI-TANGLE SHAMPOO - this is our general purpose shampoo.  We have had a lot of feedback on this shampoo as it has a lovely aroma that my customers have said last up to three weeks or longer. NOTE: not suitable for dogs with a sensitive or sore skin.

ALOE VERA   -   excellent for sensitive skin and dogs with sore skin.

FLEA SHAMPOO - as it states.  Extra charge for this shampoo.

ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO  -  as it states. Extra charge for this shampoo.

We also sell dog fragrance sprays, for the inbetween bathing, should your pet smell a bit "doggie", especially when we have a lot of wet weather. Plus brushes, poop bags, tick removal hooks, housefold flea spray and pet ID tags.

We have information sheets and issue twice yearly newsletters.  If we can help.  We will.  I also write a monthly article for the Box Hill & Headly parish magazine.

Finally - Taking your pet to a Groomer does not mean that you do nothing in between. As the Pet Owner you must do your bit, then hopefully your pet will not only look good but feel good as well.


Pooch Parlour supports Greyhound Lifeline. A charity that helps rescue and rehomes Greyhounds.  Therefore, if anyone has any new and/or unused gifts suitable for a car boot or raffle, would you be prepared to donate. Perhaps unwanted Christmas/birthday presents. We are also asking for unused bin bags, washing up liquid,  pilchards in tomato sauce. WHEN they have the storage space, they also need towels, duvets and blankets. If anyone can help please  bring to the parlour.  Please ring to make sure we are there to save a wasted journey. Please do NOT leave anything outside my door if I am closed.  I may not be coming in that day, it may get stolen and my landlady of my premises sould not like anything left in the car park.


There are times that dogs come into us badly matted and they cannot be groomed out.  Trying to groom out a matted dog is considered animal cruelty.  Obviously the dog should not have got into that condition in the first place, but I assure you we do not tell you off, we just do our job and in the case of matted dogs, they need to be clipped off completely.  The coat will grow back.  Do not worry if this keeps happening.  I am well aware that some dogs do not let their owners groom and sometimes it is not in the owners nature to find time to groom, so I do deal with the same dogs constantly matted. Do not let your dog go too long with a matted coat though.  Matts will pull on the skin and this will eventually hurt your dog.  Your dog may then try and scratch or chew the offending area and this generally results in sore skin and veterinary visit.  To avoid any unnecessary vet bills, try and have your dog visit a grooming parlour regularly and if you are one of the many people who do not groom their dog, then please consider having a very short cut on a regular basis to avoid problems later.

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